Thank you for visiting the web pages of the 5th conference of the "International Meetings and Incentives Conference (IMIC)" series.

Once again IMIC brought together the best experts of our industry that:

- offered us new ideas

- increased our expertise

- enabled us to be successful


… in a market that has become more competitive than ever!


Our Top Quality Speakers, Moderators and Panellists discussed, explained and answered burning questions on:


- What Buyers really want?

- How can we successfully sell Destinations, Venues and Services?

- How can we attract various Types of Events?

- How can we deliver successful Incentive Programmes?


And many other key issues.

5th International Meetings & Incentives Conference (IMIC 2009)

Selling Destinations, Venues and Services: Supplier Perspectives - Buyer Demands

4-5 February, Athens, Greece


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